And so I ask you “Are YOU Open to Possibilities?”


On your first visit we will talk extensively about your health concerns and YOUR goals for your health.  If your physical health is the concern, we will explore diet and nutritional needs.  Suggestions will be made and we will even set easy target goals together! Healing modalities that will assist you in your healing journey will be explained and explored.  Here is a quick synopsis of the possibilities.


Esogetic Medicine – This includes Synapse Vibrational therapy and color point healing also known as colorpuncture.  Treatments can address concerns such as Sinus and Respiratory issues, Immune System Support, Depression, Headaches, Stress, Elimination issues such as IBS, Detoxifying and pain relief.

Light Therapy – In addition to colorpuncture there is LED Light therapy.  This is used to help you with pain, circulation, skin concerns and more.

Nutrition – Based on Your current state of health, a healing nutritional support program can be developed for you to address your heath goals.   Detoxification procedures will be explained and your daily diet discussed.  Nutrition will be suggested based on your concerns.  A basic shopping list will be provided.  This is a consultation and NOT to be misconstrued as medical advice.  As always, consult your family physician before starting anything new.


Energy Healing/Emotional/Spiritual Healing  – Sharon has  extensive training in the healing arts that blends very effectively to create a healing experience unique for you.  Drawing on her training in Pranic Healing, Reiki, EMF,FEFT, BARS (Access Consciousness) and Spontaneous Transformation, Sharon intuitively leads you back to yourself, to wholeness.  Let her help you find that center, the peace that is within you.  This addresses emotional blocks, feelings of sadness, limiting beliefs and much more.  All answers are found within!

Vibrational Therapy – Tuning Forks/Esogetic Sound Therapy – This modality could be in every category as it works on both the physical AND the energetic body.  Tuning forks can clear chakras, open up meridians releasing blocked energy so that you may heal.  Esogetic Sound therapy is unique tones composed and engineered to allow your body to release the physical and negative emotional blocks that you may be holding on to.  Does your neck feel tight?  Feel the vibes of the tones and breathe deeply!  Esogetic Synapse Programs for stress, insomnia and depression works painlessly by emitting frequencies into your body.  You will feel soooo good after using one of these programs!


QiGong – Stress Relief, Balance, Stamina, Sustainable Energy! This easy to do routine can be learned in five weeks.  It is perfect for seniors and kids of all ages! Qigong brings a balance to you by quieting the mind, strengthening the body and soothing the spirit by being in the moment.  Learning to center and ground is the most important aspect to learn.  It will keep you strongly rooted to reach for your goals whether the goals are learning to meditate, wanting flexibility or confidence, or adapting a new healthy lifestyle! Lesson times are arranged for mutual convenience, with my preference being mornings or early afternoons.  Available most days.


Essential Oils are definitely gifts from our Creator.  Inhale your special fragrance and instantly feel the stress leave your body.  Rub a couple of drops on a painful muscles and feel the discomfort melt away.  Do an inhalation to relieve stuffy noses and clogged sinuses.  Let the fragrance do it’s magic, just breathe in and receive.  “I am open to receiving ____(insert your desire here) _____, with much Gratitude.” May you be blessed!


This is a vibrational therapy.  Flower essences are NOT fragrant and have no taste, but ARE vibrational in nature.  They work to help you release stuck emotional patterns.  A blend can be created for you to over come a habit, a fear, etc. that you would use frequently during the day by putting a few drops into your liquid drinks.