Steamy Wonder

Steamy Wonder – THE Wrapless Wrap!

The steamy wonder steam treatment with herbs helps you to detoxify and lose weight without turning into a mummy.  Includes shower.  Ask for more information!

1 wrapless session – $60.

1 steam session alone – $45.


About Steam Therapy – Sweating is therapeutic, but so so are the other physiological effects of steam therapy.  Dramatic effects derive from the circulatory changes caused by the intense heat exposure.  The heart rate can increase as much as 50% to 70% during a 10-20 minute steam bath session.  Within just a few minutes there is an increase of cardiac output, increased blood flow to the skin produced by vasodilation, and decreased blood flow to the internal organs.  The increased blood flow brings vital nutrients to skin and subcutaneous tissue, stimulating celllular activity and growth.  The parts of the skin that normally suffer from poor circulation benefit especially from this treatment, since the increased blood flow supplies it with extra nutrients and oxygen.  Any increase in the metabolic rate burns calories, improves circulation, promotes water-weight loss and beautifies skin.