Bodywraps, Scrubs and Salt Glows

Olympia Healing Arts’  spa services are designed to support your health.  Whether you have chosen to change your diet or are embarking on a detoxifying plan, our Bodywraps, Body Scrubs and Salt Glows will help you detoxify your body.  Services can stand alone or you may choose to combine with another service!    Enjoy!

Scrubs:   All Scrubs & Glows are $40 or 6 scrubs for $200

Body Scrub: This creamy scrub does a fantastic job of taking dead and dry skin cells off the body leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated.  Fresh, citrus scent provided by the essential oils of tangerine and lime will delight your senses!

Citrus Body Polish: If you have sensitive skin this is for you!
Formulated with fine jojoba meal to exfoliate, this polish also cleanses, tones and moisturizers, leaving your skin with a smooth velvety texture!

Brown Sugar Scrub:  We use the finest premium Turbinado Brown Sugar loaded with Omega oils and Botanicals which help to heal, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.  Rich and luxurious this nutrient rich treatment is for those who require aggressive exfoliation.

White Sugar Honey Polish:  Honey to nourish, luscious sugar to gently exfoliate and six luxurious oils to pamper your skin.  Rose Mosquetta Oil is included for its effectiveness in helping various skin conditions. 


The therapeutic effect of Dead Sea Salts have been known for over 2000 years. Just 2000 years?  I bet Cleopatra used the salts as part of her beauty rituals!  The salts have a high concentration of magnesium, potassium and calcium chloride which helps to detoxify internal organs and flush the lymph system.  The salts exfoliate your skin to leave a fresh, glowing appearance.

We can customize a blend just for you or choose a blend for your “glow” from the following:

  • Cellulite Salt Glow
  • Anti-Aging Salt Glow
  • Detoxifying Salt Glow
  • Tranquility Salt Glow



Botanical Mud Wrap

Since the beginning of time, mud has been used as a treatment for all types of skin conditions.  Mud Wraps can help reduce water retention, joint pain, certain types of acne, eczema and psoriasis.  Contains clay, lavendar, chamomile and rose oil! Experience the difference this wrap will have on your skin!

 Seaweed Body Wrap

This wrap is a little different as it combines the detoxifying properties of sea algae with the hydrating and exfoliating benefits of clay, ancient sea salts, brewer’s yeast and spirulina (spirulina provides amino acids that are needed to restore firming tissues)  to provide metabolic stimulation of the skin.  Choose this one if you are looking for help with cellulite or a weight loss program.  Do NOT choose if you are allergic to iodine or seafood.

Seaweed Gel Body Wrap

This one has a pleasant lavendar scent also and contains kelp for metabolic stimulation and nutrient-rich Klamather Blue-Green Algae to hydrate and detoxify.  The active moisturizer base includes Willow Bark extract know to help reduce pain, Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin E and Rose Hip Seed Oil for their abilities to heal and nourish your skin.  Again, do NOT choose this one if you are allergic to iodine or seafood.