Welcome to your healing journey!

I believe in being responsible for our own actions, our own health… emotional and physical. I believe God creates the WHOLE plant for us to receive healing from, not just an isolated action

I believe that dis-ease is created when you are out of balance. Imbalances creates stress which escalates into conditions such as sinus infections, high BP, IBS, constipation and acid reflux to name a few. Years of eating processed chemical and preservative laden processed foods require a gentle detox of the intestines and blood.

My goal is to teach others how to improve their health and get increased energy by adjusting their favorite foods to ones that will create health, to help maximize your body’s ability to function, to give you greater confidence in your ability to take care of yourself and to provide an overall improvement in your quality of life by achieving a balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.

True healing occurs when we are in balance. ALL aspects of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT needs to be considered for healing to occur. It’s not enough to take care of the body alone. The MIND and Spirit have a large responsibility in creating true health. If there are emotional blocks causing physical pain, bodywork alone will NOT address the issue. If there is are emotion stuck in your field, your physical pain may recur after treatment massage. OR, if the physical pain is due to poor nutrition, limited relief will be received with bodywork alone. When all three – Mind, Body and Spirit are in balance, you will feel terrific and have the passion and energy for life that you deserve!

I LOVE to Learn!… so my mix of modalities is always fresh, allowing me to respond to the calling of the moment. Every client is unique and every session is unique, after all we change constantly! In fact the ONLY thing constant in life, IS Change!

Most of us were not taught or given the knowledge to make choices that creates health and well-being. This can result in a over reliance on pharmaceuticals, feelings of being stuck, trapped or lost, create anxiety or depression. Take that first step and join me in learning what you need for true healing, to live the life you were meant to have! I will help you set goals and assist you on your journey! I will be your biggest supporter! Your heart will lead you to your truth in manifesting health and wellness! What else is possible?

Your Commitments

Alternative healing sessions, when taken seriously and approached with commitment to ongoing sessions can help you achieve your goals, relieve physical pain, disease symptoms, stress, overcome mental fatigues, emotional and spiritual blocks and assist you in shifting your point of view in your life! All that is required is a mind that is open to What else is Possible?

My Commitment to You

  • To help you reconnect to your authentic self. To help you open your heart so that you have heart wisdom.
  • To teach you grounding so that you can be more present daily life with the ability to create YOUR BEST LIFE!
  • To share my knowledge with you so that you may be open to possibilities for greater health and healing.

The many modalities includes: Esogetic Medicine, Colorpuncture, LED Light therapy, Nutritional consultations including lifestyle changes, herbs, superfoods, healing protocols, cooking classes, Pranic Healing, Reiki, EMF, FEFT, BARS and Spontaneous Transformation, Tuning Forks, Sound Healing and QiGong

I am now located in the center of beautiful Delanco, NJ, just two blocks from the Delaware river. If its a beautiful day why not plan on taking a relaxing walk after your session. A walk will help you to ground and retain the work that has been done for your benefit. The address will be given to you when you call 856-461-0060 or text 856-313-2576 to schedule your appointment.